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This service can be used if you have the thought of starting a business or safely and


Setting up an office for the observation of your administration is an expensive action


You are looking for a sale market for your product? You are active in the


You have a great idea, you are an expert in your branch or you have recently received


Sworn and non-sworn translations can always be done by our translations department


If you want to establish your own business in the Flemish region, want to take over a


The immigration department of the city of Antwerp has recognized us as 'Relocation Office

Consultancy Services on European Affairs, EU Funds and Credits

Aslan Consulting has been accredited as an advisor for EU affairs, EU funds and credits since 2019.

Business consultancy

This service can be used if you have the thought of starting a business or the thought of safely and professionally expanding your business. All the answers for the questions containing your company and business can be found with us.

Some examples:

How do I start my trading activities in a responsible manner? Do I start my activities as a sole proprietor or as a juridical person. What should I consider while setting up a company? How do I set a healthy business plan? Can the formation of a company affect my social status? Which registrations and/or licenses must be applied for in my sector? Will I be able to use subsidies. What should I consider when taking out a lease for my business? What is a contract? What is a business management degree? What is a craftsmanship degree? What is a manager and what are the responsibilities? What is a partner and which kinds exist? Which legal form is best for my business? What is a ledger? VAT returns and periods, productivity analysis, credits, brand and name registration? How to work international?

For questions about entrepreneurship and many other topics, you can always come to our office for advice and information.

Administrative management

Setting up an office for the observation of your administration is an expensive action. There is also the need of an experienced and professional associate that respects the professional secrecy. Anyhow, this action is still quite expensive. We are able to observe and follow your administration on a much more inexpensive way, while respecting the absolute secrecy. We offer the following services in this area:

The recruitments and lay-offs of the personnel and all the staff management, the observation and following of the correspondence, the preparation of your book-keeping and delivering it to the book-keeper, appointments and contacting for new work, the following of new work and translating necessary documents, preparing and sending invoices to customers, Dunning defaulters in case of unwillingness of payment, (if necessary) taking legal action in consultation with the client, contacting official and unofficial services according to the needs of the client, application and monitoring of all types of registrations and licenses, writing down special general meetings and sending them to the Belgian Official Gazette, are also among the wide range of services of Aslan Consulting.

Thanks to an authorization that you will provide us, we will be able to optimally represented you at all official and non-official services. All of these activities will be carried out in your name and at the same time we will inform you of every step.

Market research

You are looking for a sale market for your product.

You are active in the services sector and/or you are looking for work in your sector.

You would like a market research done about your current products.

You might be looking for a domestic partner or a foreign partner.

Our market research department will be able to serve you perfectly in this area.


You have a great idea, you are an expert in your branch or you have recently received a fantastic offer? You are getting the opportunity you have dreamed of, and know you want to realize it?

Let us sit together for a market research, productivity analysis and a healthy business plan. According to the project, we will find a way to finance it domestically or abroad. We can also breathe new life into an existing project by making an analyze, which will result in a productivity and profit increase in the future.

Investments in projects are also possible, we would also like to welcome those clients. Perhaps we could recommend a project for you. Activities and work on projects will only be made in Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands.


Sworn and non-sworn translations can always be done by our translations department. This department has accomplished many translations since 1997, for the public and private sector. Years of experience brought us more into contact with all sorts of official and unofficial documents, which increased our expertise. Various commercial documents, judgements, certifications, reports, brochures, documents form the population register, authorizations, and so on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone for more information about this service.

You must sign up in our office for concrete interpreter and translator services.

These services can only be done from Dutch to Turkish and from Turkish to Dutch.



If you want to establish your own business in the Flemish region, want to take over a company or a workshop, want to buy shares form a particular company, and if you also have enough capital. Then  Startlening+ will be the greatest solution for you. You can always contact us if you would like to apply for this loan. Taking into account the fact that the maximum application amount may be € 100,000.00, and that you can request a quadruple your own available capital (capital x 4).

If you believe that your project is successful, if you have the necessary capital to realize this project, and if the bank still does not want to give you a loan or asks for an mortgage/guarantor (Startlening+ does not ask for any guarantor from unemployed an equals, in other cases it is decided by dossier), then Startlening+ will be the best loan for you. We will be satisfied to provide you with this service.

In August 2015 Aslan Consulting was recognized as project manager for the Flemish participation fund PMV. With the authority PVM received from the government, it has the main goal to make the local economy revive again. The goal has to be completed by approving loans to any possibly successful projects, and projects that strengthen equity. PMV participation fund is an organization whose importance is increasing day by day. Besides Aslan Consulting only a few are recognized as applicator. This list consists of Unizo (the largest independent employers’ association in Flanders and Brussels) and their establishments, Voka (Chamber of Commerce) and 9 other banks.

For more detailed information on the conditions of your Startlening+ application, you can always contact us by phone.


Aslan Consulting is a partner of MicroStart, but what does MicroStart actually mean? MicroStart grants credits from 500 to 15,000 euros for professional purposes. It is a loan for anyone who wants to start a business or is already self-employed and needs financing.

Your loan application can be for everything you need within your independent activity, some examples are: renovation, stock, materials, cash, rental guarantees, a second-hand car, taking over a business, and so on. You can always reach us by telephone for additional information.

Other Loans

If you have a project you believe in, or if you want to expand and further develop your current business, we can help you with professional financing solutions.

We assess projects with a total investment amount of 10,000,000.00 euros and larger amounts. Applications can be assessed from all countries over the world. As the assessment process differs from country to country, we would like to request to ask for the “Questions Preliminary Analysis” document, by contacting our service.

If this document is sent to our service in detail and in full, we wil contact you within 10 working days to let you know what the possible financing means are, and also the necessary documents to proceed your application.


The immigration department of the city of Antwerp has recognized us as ‘Relocation Office’. This enables us to bring formalities in order for investors, employees, and to arrange family reunification inside and outside Europe. With this service, we will be able to help newcomers efficiently by saving time on the necessary formalities.

In this context, the services we can offer for newcomers are the ones below:

  • A first registration
  • Work permit application and handover
  • EVK (electronic residence permit) application and handover
  • EVK (electronic residence permit) renewal application
  • EER driver’s license registration

Consultancy Services on European Affairs, EU Funds and Credits

Our company has been accredited as advisor for European Affairs, EU funds and credits since 2019.


Official institutions and organizations

Aslan Consulting offers project advice and project analysis to all official institutions and organizations, municipalities, universities, foundations, etc. to which the EU grants funds, subsidies and credits.

Below you can broadly find the subjects to which the EU provides funds, subsidies and credits (these topics may vary depending on the period in which the application is made).

  • Increasing institutional and technical capacity to more effectively support the implementation of development plans and licensing processes
  • Establishment of a wastewater treatment plant with improvement and expansion of the sewer system of cities
  • Urban restoration of the streets and landscape architecture
  • Urban development projects (improving the social lives of migrants, improving existing education and health services, raising awareness of urbanism and increasing labor capacity)
  • Social development of a region through sport and/or through physical and artistic practices – the development and improvement of production and trade services.
  • Training projects to improve the professional and entrepreneurial qualifications of unemployed men and women living within the municipal boundaries.
  • Municipalities can stimulate and increase female entrepreneurship in the labor market by making use of Europe’s experiences with female entrepreneurship.
  • Voluntary work abroad for young people with limited opportunities, facing social, economic, educational or geographical barriers, thereby strengthening their active citizenship
  • Protection of the elderly, the fulfillment of their social, psychological and physical needs, and the development of care and rehabilitation services for people in need of continuous care and rehabilitation.
  • Projects for the creation of an Active Life Center to increase the mobility capacity of physically disabled children and adolescents in the age category of 0-24 years.
  • Infrastructure and superstructure investments that are carried out with the aim of improving the decision-making bodies of the local government
  • Health tourism
  • Generate electricity from solar energy in European and subordinated countries
  • Agriculture, animal husbandry, health, R&D activities (including education, IT, health and technology), establishment of vocational training centers, water transport with the aim of trade development, rural development projects, etc.


European member states can submit applications that relate to the following specific topics:

  • Energy, Health, Small and Medium Entreprises, Sanitary and Phytosanitary, Public Finance Management, Public Procurement, Competition, Customs, Taxation, Trade, Agriculture / Geographical Indicators, Consumer Protection, Statistics, Climate Change, Environment, Fish and Maritime, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Space, Education, Youth, Culture, Employment and Social, Transport, Information society, Mobility / Justice and Home Affairs, Research


We have an experienced team at our disposal with years of experience in European affairs, EU funds and credits. This allows us to make the format of your project compatible with EU standards in a very short period of time, and to submit and follow up your application.



Companies with a clean past, a bank guarantee letter that can be accepted by the EU or the relevant financial institution, a detailed feasibility study and the necessary repayment capacity, who want to increase their work capacity or make new investments, can benefit from special funds at EU level, at World Bank funds and other types of credits.


Would you like to be a project partner?

Funds, subsidies and loans can be given to the Member States of the European Union and many other countries under different headings. When these projects are approved, contracting companies (as the main contractor) in the EU Member States receive the works through participation in a tender. If the tender is awarded, the work is usually passed on to subcontractors.

Just as you as a European company can participate in these tenders, as a non-European company you can participate in these projects as a subcontractor.

For more information you can make an appointment with us, or you can contact us by telephone.


Please do not hesitate while contacting us in case of any questions about our office or our activities.